Rapidly comply with API, PNR, EES or ETIAS regulations using the GOVlink platform

A single platform to manage your mandatory data transmission
to all states & national border authorities

Comply with PNRGOV PAXLST GAR with GOVlink

Key features

Central distribution point

Central distribution point

One platform to exchange data automatically with all states you are operating in.

Data transformation

Data transformation

Transform your raw data into formats that comply with each state/authority’s standards



Intuitive web interface to follow your data transmission in real-time

Easily integrated

Easily integrated

RestAPI that can be used into your existing IT management systems

Just in time

Just in time

Embedded scheduling system that sends passenger data on due times to authorities



  • One connection to all states & authorities

  • Saas solution, effortless for your IT

  • Implemented in few weeks

Always compliant with regulations

  • Permanent updates to comply with regulations

  • Actively participate in global security measures

State of the art security and data privacy

  • Data protection and GDPR guarantee

  • Hosted in Tier IV data centres in Europe

  • Network and applications encryption and secure messaging service

Experienced support team used to dealing with authorities

  • Efficient project coordination with states

  • Time-saving & multi-states certification process

  • Relationship facilitator

A rapid implementation journey

A rapid implementation journey

1 • Project preparation : audit of system and connection to define the correct configuration
2 • Set-up of test platform and validation of data flows
3 • Go-live and State certification

Connected to all requesting Authorities

We hold permanent communications with state authorities to follow their requirements and always remain up-to-date

Police du Luxembourg
Ministère de l'Interieur
Home Office

… and many others

Client Testimonials

The GOVlink service provides a sense of security that the data has been passed on properly and to whom it should be, and of course it reduces the volume of work for our dispatchers.

Dalibor Cortan, Flight dispatcher at Air Pink

GOVlink is extremely time saving and reducing the risk of errors.

It is good for the business not to have the risk of getting fined for not reporting PNR or API data.

Markus Salomon, Deputy Manager Ground Ops at QuickAir
The entire process is now easier as we’re no longer required to communicate with external parties resulting in a reduction in the workload and communication. We are not dependant on 3rd parties and manual inputs anymore.

I also appreciate the commitment of the Streamlane team!

Bassem El Soueidi, Ground Operation at AirX

Our partners

Close relationship with important industry actors and transport associations to anticipate the market evolution and stay agnostic in any environment


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