European private jet operator AirX began using Streamlane’s GOVlink API PNR system in 2022 (July). The technology has helped cut manual workloads, reduced their risk fines because of compliance problems, and minimized their reliance on third parties.

AirX profile

Founded in 2013, AirX is one of Europe’s largest private jet operators, with the most diversified fleet in the industry. The UK and Malta-based carrier caters to individuals, families, VVIPs and global brands, and offers an award-winning, luxury global service.

The challenge: transmitting API PNR data

Like all private and charter airlines, AirX is legally required to comply with PNR and APIS  requirements and transfer advanced passenger information (API) and passenger name records (PNR) to the authorities across Europe, North America and beyond. API PNR data includes a wide variety of information about passenger identities, travel routes and more. API PNR is used by state authorities to facilitate immigration checks, detect criminals, terrorists and individuals on sanctions lists, and monitor suspicious activity.

However, complying with PNR and APIS  requirements is extremely challenging for private operators like AirX. The vast majority do it manually through the states’ web portals. It means double data entry, in different websites (origin and destination) that are rarely ergonomic and adapted to business aviation. countries may also require API PNR data to be sent at different times before the flight door closes and takes off, so the carrier must adjust their process for each state. On average, each access to such webportal “costs” 15 to 20 minutes to the person in charge.

Outside Europe, handlers or FBOs do this manual task on behalf of the carrier, some carriers are not even aware of it… even if the invoice can be high !

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Bassem El-Soueidi, Ground Operation Manager at AirX explains: “Manual filing with diversified entities was making AirX susceptible to discrepancies” when sending API PNR data to authorities. Failing to send the right data, in the right format, exposed the carrier to the risk of penalties.

What is more, the process was time-consuming. El-Soueidi’s staff needed to manually transmit API PNR information about passengers to each country of the route (arrival and departure) , which “increased the workload” for staff.

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Streamlane’s GOVlink automates AirX’s processes

AirX began working with Streamlane in 2022 to implement our GOVlink solution. The API PNR service  allows AirX staff to almost forget about the administrative task as the data is seamlessly transferred from their flight management system (FL3XX) to the requesting state.In backstage, the data is processed by GOVlink, which reformats it in the way that each country’s PIU (Passenger Informatin Unit) or transport authorities require and  messages are then automatically sent at the expected time, without AirX’s teams having to do anything more.

Since introducing GOVlink, El-Soueidi says: “The entire process is now easier as we’re no longer required to communicate with external parties, resulting in a reduction in the workload and communication”. 

Before introducing GOVlink, AirX needed to adjust its processes for each state’s PIU, manually inputting data into different systems, and contacting PIUs to solve problems. This took up a significant amount of time for both ground staff and onboard crew.

AirX were also dependent on third parties to support the transmission of API PNR data. But by using GOVlink, the carrier can now do everything themselves, and benefits from a “simplified and smooth-running process”, El-Soueidi explains. By reducing their reliance on third parties, AirX has cut costs too.

Besides the benefits broughtto AirX’s processes, El-Soueidi notes that Streamlane already had a partnership with the flight management system in use, FL3XX. This made the set-up of the service “easy and simple”. He adds that “the implementation phase was done with professionalism”, without disrupting AirX’s operations.
GOVlink is currently integrated with the main IT providers of the aviation market.

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Streamlane helps you comply with API PNR requirements

Streamlane’s GOVlink is a pure play, one-stop solution for airlines to transmit API PNR data to PIUs and state authorities in countries around the world. We have extensive experience working with private charter, unscheduled, business and emergency carriers as well as general aviation, and have a deep understanding of systems, processes, technologies and legal API PNR requirements globally.

Our easy-to-use GOVlink service allows ground operations teams and crew at carriers of all sizes to automatically transmit API and PNR to PIUs in the right format, saving significant amounts of time, while giving them confidence that they are compliant.

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