Hello, we are Streamlane

About Streamlane

We are on mission to help governments around the world secure their borders against international terrorism and serious crime, while offering a simple and efficient border crossing for passengers.

International legislation and European Union directives require airlines to transfer passenger data to border control agencies for security checks.

But in an increasingly interconnected world, transport operators and governments lack appropriate technologies to enable efficient and secure cooperation, and must conduct large and expensive projects to connect decades-old IT systems.

Streamlane aims to ease the journeys of millions of cross border travelers at sea, land and air frontiers. Our solutions help to organise the necessary collection of relevant data while respecting the confidentiality of travelers’ information.

Streamlane offers a ready-to-use SaaS collaboration platform that orchestrates and streamlines data exchange between border control agencies and international transport operators, taking into account security, data privacy and regulatory compliance.