We facilitate passenger security checks

through automated data exchange between Transport operators and State Authorities

Transport Operators Transport operator Easily comply with all national passenger regulations Transport Operators Authorities Authorities Collect required data from all transport operators
through a single solution
Authorities Improve global safety and smooth border controls Smooth border controls

We provide collaborative platforms

International legislations against terrorism and serious crimes require the collaboration of transport carriers to transmit their passenger data.
We operate platforms to streamline this process.

Streamlane: a collaborative platform
Streamlane: a collaborative platform

A two-side platform

built for the Transport Operators & Authorities

Benefits for Transport Carrier

Benefits for Transport Carrier

  • Permanent compliance with passenger data regulations

  • One to many transmission point: transmit your data to all States/Authorities

  • Aggregation of your in-house data into “legal/requested” format

  • Fast project implementation

  • Promote a positive relationship with States/Authorities

Benefits for States/Authorities

Benefits for States/Authorities

  • Central point of collection to Carriers data

  • Plug & play to main carriers

  • Automated and permanent checks ensure data quality

  • Highly-secure service and privacy by design

  • Facilitate relationship with carriers

Benefits for States/Authorities
Streamlane, a cost effective Saas platform

Cost effective Saas platform

  • Lower upfront cost

  • Faster implementation

  • Outsourced IT maintenance & support

  • Highly secure at all levels – from data center to application

  • Compliance with all relevant standards and regulations

  • Expert team at your disposal

We are recognised specialists

We facilitate collaboration between governments and transport organisations around passenger data exchange. With extensive experience in both worlds,we act as your trusted coordinator during the implementation and operations phases to ensure efficient and durable cooperation.

Close relations with States and international org.

Close relations with States and international org.

Advocating to conciliate the States requests with Operators constraints

Expert on passenger data regulations

Expert on passenger data regulations

Continually monitoring changes in standards and legislations

Proficient in Transport industry systems

Proficient in Transport industry systems

Building platforms that integrate with widely-used systems

Prioritising security and data privacy

Prioritising security and data privacy

Security is the top level priority of our service

Our partners to build a safer world

EU Lisa

European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice

Office of Counter-Terrorism

UN Office of Counter-terrorism UN Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT)


Organisation for Security & cooperation in Europe


International Air Transport Association

International Civil Aviation Organization

International Civil Aviation Organization


Luxembourg agency for the promotion of a unified interface for the exchange of passenger data for security

Police du Luxembourg

Luxembourg State trusted us

Learn how we helped the Luxembourg State’s PIU to collect API PNR data from air carriers, which led to us being part of the creation of the PAXGOV agency

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