We operate the data collection for Luxembourg since 2019

Police du Luxembourg


Luxembourg needed to rapidly comply with the EU PNR 2016/681 directive and to put in place its Passenger Information Unit.

The IT system supporting PIU activities is composed of two parts: a system to collect airline data (PNRGOV, PAXLST, PAXLST CREW) and a system to analyse the data collected. The state IT department took on the latter project, while Streamlane took care of the collection system.

The project

Streamlane’s experience with France’s PNR project and expertise in air industry systems enabled us to bring ready-made technology and consulting skills to the Luxembourg project. Streamlane developed a highly secure API-PNR platform which connects the Luxembourg authorities with airlines and transmits API-PNR data (PNRGOV, PAXLST, PAXLST CREW) to the analysis system.

First implemented in Luxembourg, the platform has been designed with the objective of offering a common solution for all EU states and of serving the common interest in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. It allows organisations to streamline API-PNR project implementation all over Europe, to adopt common practices and enhance collaboration between authorities and air carriers.

Furthermore, the inclusion of real-time Eurocontrol data has provided a unique feature to the API-PNR platform, ensuring that Luxembourg receives timely and accurate data consistent with real air traffic. It allows the PIU staff to take immediate action in case of missing PNR information for any flight.

Customer benefits

Streamlane coordinates the collection of air passenger data for the Luxembourg State.

27 airlines are connected through eight different data streams ensuring the government and carriers collect and send the right information at the right time. Our solution concerns all types of air traffic including business aviation and charters (typically more complex to connect due to their non-standardised data management systems).

The Luxembourg government is now able to capture and pre-scan passengers from 98% of all air traffic entering the country.

This is a very satisfying beginning, we achieved this important part of the project quickly and without troubles” said Stephane Levy, director of international relations services for Luxembourg Police.


This success led us to become part of the PAXGOV agency

The PAXGOV agency is a state-owned entity of Luxembourg whose mission is the promotion of a unified interface for the exchange of passenger data for security throughout the European community.

Streamlane has been part of the agency since its creation with the role of developing and operating PAXGOV’s solutions.

Discover the API-PNR Gateway

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