We contributed to the implementation of the air passenger data collection for the French Government

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The French government needed to develop and implement a robust API-PNR system to collect passenger data.

Streamlane has been selected to contribute to the passenger data collection system. We were also responsible for the management of the relationship with air transport players. We managed the complex interconnection between airlines’ reservation, boarding systems and the French PNR system.

The project

Our staff contributed to the set-up of France’s PNR system, by carrying out a number of key activities:

  • Tech consulting on interface aspects (filters, reconciliation and interface specifications) with airlines’ systems.
  • Development of a software component enhancing and facilitating data collection from airlines
  • Project management to interconnect airlines with the French PNR system
  • Data certification of the numerous data providers – both reservation and Departure Control Systems (DCS)

Customer benefits

Streamlane supported the French PNR project to progress rapidly by certifying around 100 airlines operating to and from France, over 1,500 routes and 230 airports, embedding numerous DCS, 30 crew systems and 20 reservation systems. The French government now collects 100% of passenger data from regular air traffic and is connected to major providers of reservation and DCS.

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